High efficiency oil furnace

Introduction In the 1970s there was a petroleum shortage due to world events. It awakened many industries that depended on petroleum products. This included the oil furnace - also known as boiler - manufacturers, whose technology has strived to engineer more efficient heating units ever since. The advent of better burners was a [...]

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Furnace repair is best done in the summer.

Recently, my uncle told me a story of how in a single week, his water heater, furnace, and water softener all went out.  It is crazy to think about all of the little things that we depend on and don’t really think about all of the time.  Nevertheless, they are there cranking away [...]

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Duct cleaning and air duct cleaning are important for allergies

Duct cleaning entails cleaning the various heating and cooling components of your forced-air heating system.  This includes cleaning the return and supply air ducts, grills, registers, and diffusers along with heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, and condensate drip pans and more.  When an air duct cleaning service is performed, the many parts [...]

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About Your Heating System

A gas burner burns natural gas or LP (liquefied petroleum) gas to heat water or air in a boiler or a furnace. When the thermostat calls for heat, it signals the burner control to open a valve, sending gas into the ports in the burners, where it mixes with air and is ignited [...]

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Heating and Cooling costs can chew up the budget

If you have heating and cooling costs that are really chewing up your budget it is important to know that there are options available for you to benefit from that can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Today there is modern technology in place that can really help to benefit your heating [...]

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How does my air conditioner work

That is a good question. I think it is important every homeowner to understand how their system works. When the system is not working correctly you will have a better understanding of the diagnosis that your local service technician will give you when he is called. If you have an idea what he [...]

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Thermostat Placement Tips

When you are installing a new programmable thermostat, make sure find a good location where it can accurately measure the temperature inside your home. Your professional HVAC contractor may help you a lot to with properly placement of your thermostat, because your thermostat only knows what the temperature is in the area surrounding [...]

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Flint Furnaces & Heating Systems

Homes in the Flint area with central air conditioners often have gas furnaces for heat. In this Flint HVAC guide we look at how furnaces work, why the correct size is important, factors related to cost, and tips for finding the right contractor. How A Home Gas Furnaces Works Here's an overview of [...]

About Your Air Conditioning

The basic principles or air conditioning are misunderstood by most people, even by many in the field. Air conditioning is not simply just the process of cooling the air. It covers six different functions, defined below. All of these functions are required before the term "Air Conditioning" can be properly applied to a [...]

Waste Oil Furnace

Introduction A waste oil furnace uses waste oil for fuel. Not intended as a pun, the waste oil furnace was invented by an American, Ben Smoker, back in the eighties. Since his first simple, and rather inefficient furnace, it has evolved into an efficient means to heat a home, shop, or business. The waste [...]

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Oil Furnace Parts

Introduction Today's oil furnace can be expected to last 15 to 20 years, and are much more highly efficient, thanks to the technology of the manufacturer. In the UK is commonly called a boiler, but is still the same oil furnace as in other regions with cold winters. Because of their long life and [...]

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Oil Furnace Troubleshooting

Introduction Your oil furnace is quite reliable, and usually highly effective if it's less than fifteen-years-old, however, if it does stop heating suddenly, there are some basic steps in oil furnace troubleshooting that you can take before calling the repairman for help. Have your owner's manual handy for reference to our oil furnace parts [...]

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