AC Preventative Maintenance Tips

The summer heat is finally here! It's that time of the year when you start to landscape and clean up around your home. Like other parts of your home, it's the time to have your air conditioning unit checked up and cleaned. It's important to do this so when you start using the unit regularly [...]

American Cancer Society Award

American Cancer Society Award Last year, Holland Heating and Cooling was a Flagship Sponsor for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Flint, Michigan. As a business, we wanted to be there to support everyone who has or will be affected by breast cancer. We wanted to donate and show our support to help survivors, patients, caregivers, [...]

Factors Affecting your Home Comfort Level

Being comfortable in your own home is extremely important. Home Comfort goes beyond just the temperature inside your home. Factors like humidity and air quality are also important! 1. Temperature Having a comfortable temperature in your home is all about control and maintaining the temperature that you (and your family) is most comfortable with. Outside [...]

Heating and Cooling Award Home Depot

Heating and Cooling Award Heating and Cooling Award: Midwest Region Holland Heating and Cooling was honored to attend Home Depot's Yearly Meeting in Las Vegas on April 12, 2016. Richard Holland, President of Holland Heating & Cooling attended Home Depot's Yearly Meeting with the Vice President, Dave Kunz. Holland Heating and Cooling was [...]

HVAC Installation And Heating Repair In Every Season

Happy Holidays! While we love doing HVAC installation and heating repair throughout the year, we truly wish that you don’t need any repair as you have people over to your home for the festivities. Sometimes our wishes aren’t answered, though, as we often get emergency calls from people whose who need furnace repair at the [...]

3 More Signs That It’s Time For Heating Repair

We recently blogged about why you might want to give us a call even if the heat is on. After all, while it’s great that you’re not freezing at night, it’s important for a furnace to run as efficiently as possible. Here are three more reasons to give us a call even if your piggies [...]

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3 Reasons To Call Us For Heating Repair Even If The Heat Is On

Heating Repair Even If The Heat Is On Last blog, we were talking about how people call us in the winter because their heat isn’t working and they’re freezing. When that happens, we race right out to get them back up and running so that their pipes don’t freeze. But there are times when you [...]

The Most Common Things That Cause Furnace Repair

Well, winter is officially here, and our phone keeps ringing with people needing furnace repair. We have to admit that it feels good getting people’s heat back up and running and keeping the people of Michigan warm. Unfortunately, heaters wear out and break down like any other piece of machinery, so we thought you might [...]

Feeling Sick All The Time? Furnace Repair Can Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A furnace leaking carbon monoxide can kill. About 170 people die in the United States each year because of appliance-based carbon monoxide, and many of these could have been prevented with simple furnace repair. We can help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with up-to-date inspections. Carbon monoxide (CO) tends to cause flu-like symptoms. This is unfortunate because you’re [...]

3 Signs That It’s Time For Heating Repair

So, winter is upon us, and as it gets colder and colder your heater has to work harder and harder (which is why you never see a heater go out in summer!) As it does, there’s a greater and greater chance that something is going to go wrong with it. If you hear something weird: [...]

Time For That New HVAC Installation? Do It Now!

Does it get cold in Michigan in winter? Oh yes. Yes it does. Its time for New HVAC Installation As we enter October, we’re still having some lovely days, and it’s not yet getting too cold at night. If you’ve been considering new HVAC installation, now is the time to make it happen. Why? Prevent future [...]

Here Comes Winter! Time To Get Your Heater Checked In Case You Need Furnace Repair

So it’s been maybe seven months since you needed to use your heater, and now it’s starting to get cold again. You go to the thermostat to turn it on, head to bed, and in the morning realize that it’s a lot colder than it should be. Looks like it might be time for furnace [...]