HVAC Installation And Heating Repair In Every Season

HVAC Installation

Happy Holidays! While we love doing HVAC installation and heating repair throughout the year, we truly wish that you don’t need any repair as you have people over to your home for the festivities.

Sometimes our wishes aren’t answered, though, as we often get emergency calls from people whose who need furnace repair at the worst possible time (what are the chances that a furnace will go out when it’s cold, right?) And sometimes, when a unit is so old that furnace repair just won’t cut it, people need HVAC installation in the middle of the holiday season.

When that happens, we know we need to move quickly. That’s why…

We’ll Be There: We’re busy in winter, because furnaces are put under a lot of stress and going out left and right. But we that new HVAC installation or repair is important, because…

You Need It: Some cynical people might say “people did without inside heat for thousands of years. If your heat goes out, just put on a sweater.” Well, the first part of that is true, but people tended to live in warmer climates or had wood fires to keep them warm. Michigan isn’t exactly known for being warm this time of year, and if you have a gas or oil furnace you might not have a wood burning fireplace. And it’s not only you we need to worry about…

Your House Needs It: When you need heating repair or HVAC installation, your house, and mostly your pipes, need the heat back on. Losing heat is one thing…you can stay somewhere else for a few nights. But having pipes burst can be a catastrophic problem for your home.

When the heat goes out and you need furnace repair (or an entire HVAC installation) count on Holland Heating and Cooling to get you through the winter.