Heating Repair

We recently blogged about why you might want to give us a call even if the heat is on. After all, while it’s great that you’re not freezing at night, it’s important for a furnace to run as efficiently as possible. Here are three more reasons to give us a call even if your piggies are warm.

It Runs All The Time: On the coldest nights of the year your furnace will probably be running more than it’s off. But that doesn’t mean that it should run 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. If your furnace just doesn’t seem to ever turn off and you (and maybe never even gets up to the right temperature)

If It Won’t Stay On: Some furnaces in need of heating repair will start and stop every few minutes. This behavior not only doesn’t give you the heat you need, but it puts additional stress on the components in your furnace. If you notice unusual starting and stopping, give us a call.

Weird Sounds: After you’ve live in a house for a while, you don’t even notice when your furnace turns on. It just becomes one of the background noises that you pay no mind. But when you do start noticing sounds, that means that something is probably wrong. Maybe a fan is on its way out, maybe a belt is loose. It’s best to catch these problems before they get worse, so give us a call for your heating repair.

BONUS!: Let’s say you’re driving through your neighborhood after a big snow, and there’s a good four inches on everyone’s roofs. But when you get to your house, you notice that there are dry spots on parts of your roof. Chances are your insulation just isn’t cutting it, and while it might not be a furnace issue, we’re interesting in saving you money. Have a professional check out your insulation so that you can make the most of the heat your furnace gives you.

No matter why you need heating repair in Flint, Fenton, Saginaw, Lapeer, or Davison, Holland Heating will be there to fix your broken furnace. Call us!

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