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Spring Is Replacement Season

If you’re considering the purchase of a new home heating and cooling system, there’s no time like the present. Spring is one of the best times to consider replacement for a number of reasons. Weather Spring temperatures tend to be mild. So if you have to go without heating or cooling for a whole day […]

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Five Ways To Prepare Your Home For Warmer Weather

Spring has officially arrived, and now’s an ideal time to get your home ready for warmer weather. Many homeowners spring into action with some spring cleaning. In 2018, more than three-quarters (76 percent) of households did a little tidying up, according to the American Cleaning Institute. Homeowners’ top reasons included a desire to give their […]

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Why Energy STAR Labels?

  Why is there a special ENERGY STAR®  label found on heating and cooling equipment? How can buying products which have this Special ENERGY STAR® label help the customer save energy cost? How does using products tagged with a Special ENERGY STAR®  label help the environment? ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. government-sponsored program that guides […]

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How to get the most out of your Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are terrific to reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling while keeping your home comfortable, but they have to be used properly to be effective.  They work by automatically adjusting your temperature setting to a more energy efficient setting while you are away from home or asleep. For example, when you using […]

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Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

Cleaning Air Coils

If your home is equipped with a central air conditioning system or heat pump, regular service by an experienced HVAC service technician is important for efficient operation of the system.  Having the system professionally serviced in the spring and fall will keep it in peak operating condition. Servicing a central air conditioning system requires special […]

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Central Air Conditioner Installation Considerations

Central Air System

If your home currently has a forced air heating system and you are considering upgrading your air conditioning system from window units or a swamp cooler (evaporative cooler), you will need the assistance of a local HVAC contractor like Holland Heating & Cooling with experience in residential HVAC replacement and installation.  This is a pretty […]

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Keep Your Winter Heating Costs Under Control

Keeping your home warm and your family comfortable this winter doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Whether you are installing a new, energy-efficient furnace or new heat pump or if your existing system is still going strong, here are a few ideas to cut down on your energy usage and minimize your […]

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When to replace your furnace or heating system

Pondering Customer

Every year, advances in furnace and heat pump efficiency means that homes with a recently installed heating system will use less energy than homes with older systems.  If your heating system is more than ten years old, consider talking to a reputable HVAC contractor like Holland Heating and Cooling about whether it makes sense to […]

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Safe Portable Home Heating

Portable Heater

Many people use to supplement their furnace or heat pump. They may want to only heat one room or perhaps their central heating system may not be up to the task. Whatever the reason, portable home heating equipment needs to be used safely and responsibly to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If your home heating […]

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