Beat the Heat With a Whole House Dehumidifier

As we swing into spring, it’s time to switch from heating to cooling.  It seems like just a little while ago we were worried about low humidity in our homes causing chapped lips, respiratory problems, and dry furniture and wood trim.  Pretty soon, most of us will have the opposite problem: too much humidity. For [...]

Advantages of Whole House Dehumidfiers

Keeping cool this summer will be easier with a whole house dehumidifier installed by a good local HVAC contractor like Holland Heating & Cooling.  They handle Genesee County dehumidifier service and installation. When humidity levels inside your home rise above 50%, your comfort level will decrease no matter how low you set the thermostat. Central [...]

Goodbye Dry: Whole House Humidifier

It's winter in Michigan and the colder weather means dry air. Dry air is not only an annoyance, but it can cause problems to your home and your health. Dry air can cause chapped skin, respiratory problems, static shocks, dried-up houseplants, cracked and warped furniture, separations in wood floors, and gaps in your home's moldings. [...]

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Heat Vs Humidity? Find Our Tips On Both!

What impact does Heat Vs Humidity have on your home? In a recent news segment, Jeff Lee, our Home Improvement Expert, discussed how with Heat Vs Humidity, it's not just the heat that impacts your home comfort and health... it's the humidity. Heat is hot temperature, and humidity is amount of moisture or water vapor in the [...]