Fall is officially in full swing with cooler temperatures and the leaves changing.It is the perfect time to get fall maintenance and winter preparations for your home completed.

Happy Fall Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time to accomplish all of your home projects before the cold winter months are here in Michigan.

Fall Maintenance

Here is our checklist of five fall maintenance projects for homeowners:

1. Check your windows and doors

A simple and easy way to save on your energy bill in the winter is to make sure that your windows have no cracks, leaks or air coming through the window sills or door frames. This will help keep your energy bill low and keep your home warm throughout the winter.

2. Clean your HVAC equipment

It’s important to have your heating and cooling equipment cleaned twice a year. We recommend having this done once in the fall and once in the spring. This helps keep your family healthy all year long, saves you money on unwanted breakdowns, and will help expand the life of your equipment.

3. Check your furnace

When the first cold day hits, you don’t want to turn on your furnace to discover that it isn’t working properly. Have your furnace checked by an HVAC technician in the fall to insure efficiency and safety throughout the winter months.

4. Check your fireplace

If you have a wood burning or gas fireplace, complete an inspection to make sure that is in good working order. We also recommend giving your fireplace a test run before the first cold hits in order to make sure that it will be in good working order for the entirety of winter.

5. Clean your water heater

Cleaning your water heater is a simple task. All you have to do is drain the water. To do this, allow all of the water from the tank to come out. Cleaning your water heating will flush out any sediment build up. This will help prevent any additional build up during the winter months too!

At Holland Heating and Cooling we wish you all the best during this wonderful season! If you have any questions regarding HVAC cleaning or tune-ups visit our website by clicking here or call 810-653-HEAT.

Furnace Check

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