If you have a gas furnace and it worked great last year but this year you tried to turn it on and nothing happened, don’t panic!  Most furnace failures are caused by something simple and you may be able to get it going with having to call your HVAC contractor.

First, make sure you switched the thermostat from “cool” or “off” to “heat.”  If it is a programmable thermostat, check the temperature setting programmed into the thermostat and be sure the time and date are set properly.  If the time or day is set incorrectly, the thermostat may be keeping the temperature at a lower, energy-saving setting.

Once you have verified that the thermostat is working properly, check to make sure your furnace is getting power.  Check your fuse box to see if the furnace breakers have been tripped.  If so, reset them by turning the breaker off and then back on again.  If the breakers trip again, it’s time to call your HVAC contractor to check out your system.

If your circuit breakers appear fine, check the power switch for the furnace located near the furnace.  Also, check the door or cabinet panel where the furnace filter is located to make sure it is properly closed.  Most furnaces have a switch that turns off the power when this door or panel is opened.  If the door is not closed or the panel is not installed properly, the furnace will not operate.

Next, check to see if your pilot light is lit or if your electronic ignition is working.  If the pilot light is out, be sure that the gas is turned on to the furnace and relight the pilot light by following the instructions for your furnace.  These are usually found on the furnace near the pilot light.

If none of these things gets your furnace running, you should call a reputable local HVAC contractor like Holland Heating and Cooling that handles furnace repair and replacement and have the furnace checked out.

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