Tips for Furnace Repair 2018

Furnaces keep your home warm. In Genesee County, the freezing winter months make a furnace a necessity. Keeping your home warm and toasty when you need it is probably very important to you. Furnaces are an expensive piece of equipment but like all machines, they break down. When that happens, you need a heating repair company you can count on. But what do you look for in a heating repair company?

You want a company that only hires licensed professionals to ensure the job is done right. We can offer you peace of mind and reliability with guaranteed repairs that we stand behind. You should look for a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. If you hire just anybody to do your home repairs, you could be defrauded. If something goes wrong, you could be left paying for the damages out of pocket. Or worse, improper repairs could lead to a fire in your home.

So before you let anyone make repairs to your home, make sure they are licensed! Another good idea is to look up reviews of the company online. Ask for an estimate of the cost before repairs begin. Any legitimate company will provide you with these.

If your heating system breaks, don’t give up. Our qualified experts have the knowledge, training and expertise to have your system back and running in no time. We carry all major brands and models and we can order any part you may need. Our technicians have the know-how to fix any brand, regardless of who installed your furnace. That’s knowledge and experience you can rely on.

A number of things can go wrong with your furnace, from problems with the pilot light to needing the thermostat replaced.  Our technicians understand the procedures and are certified to repair your system.

Common furnace problems:

  • Lack of air flow
  • Leaks in your ducts which allow warm air to escape into attics or other cold areas
  • Broken heating elements
  • Improper heating which makes some rooms warmer and leaves others cold
  • Broken thermostat
  • Blockages in your ducts or vents which prevent heat from flowing
  • Dripping water or other fluids
  • Dirty Filters that prevent air from flowing

We can handle all your repairs. A furnace needs to be maintained every 6 months that it is running. Furnaces use flames to burn fuel to generate heat.  By maintaining your furnace’s efficiency, you save yourself money.  A furnace is very complicated. It is always better to let the professionals handle repairs. Doing-it-yourself in this situation can put your family at risk of fire or deadly fumes.

Your warranty usually requires that your furnace be serviced twice a year to remain valid. Protect your investment for years to come, save on fuel costs and maintain your families comfort by having your regular maintenance performed on your furnace.

What’s in a standard furnace tune-up?

  • look for leaks
  • oil all the blowers’ parts
  • check your wiring
  • test the blower
  • calibrate and set the thermostat
  • clean the heating element, grills, and coils
  • inspect your piping and ductwork

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What are the Parts of a Furnace?

Your furnace keeps you warm by burning fuel. The fuel most furnaces use is natural gas, coal, wood, oil, or electricity. A burner combusts fuel inside the furnace, the warm air is then blown through pipes and ducts and out vents which warm your rooms.

The three major components of a furnace are the burner, the blower and the thermostat and flame sensors. In oil furnaces, there is also a pump which draws oil into the furnace. All of the major components can break down and prevent your furnace from operating.

The burner burns the fuel that powers your furnace, be it coal, wood, or natural gas. That is why a dirty burner is like throwing money away. You want to use all the heat generated by your fuel, not just some of it. Keeping your burner clean is a very good investment that always pays off in increased efficiency. With today’s skyrocketing fuel costs, the savings add up quick.

The blower is the fan that pumps the warm air through your house. A reliable blower is essential to getting the most out of your furnace. Keeping the fan blower lubricated, having the belts replaced on schedule and keeping the wiring and voltage regulated keeps the warm air flowing properly throughout your home. A variable speed fan allows the fan to blow at different speeds depending on your needs. This is a modern feature that saves you a lot of money. Instead of always running at the same speed, your furnace can deliver just the right amount of air for your heating needs. This is just one of the new energy-saving features available in modern furnaces.

The thermostat is the part of the furnace you are most familiar with. You set the temperature you want and it delivers the heat you want. But did you know that an improperly balanced or incorrectly placed thermostat can cost you money? Have our technicians test your thermostat today. By correctly placing the thermostat away from outside air allowed in by doorways or windows, out of direct sunlight, and away from vents you can keep your heater functioning properly.

Upgrading to a modern programmable thermostat is another way you can save money. You can save up to 33 % just by using a modern, computerized thermostat. They have so many features that can save you money: They can adjust the fan speed, use profiles for the time of day and set the temperature intelligently to maintain your comfort and save you money. Given their relatively low cost for their savings, this is a great investment.

Given all the things that can go wrong with your furnace, you need a company you can trust. Our company offers guaranteed repairs. Give us a call and we’ll send an expert out to look at your furnace. You can be sure you’re in good hands when you call our Genesee County experts!


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