At Holland Heating and Cooling, we’re focused on keeping you and your family warm this winter. We provide heating brands that we believe in and trust. It’s important to remember that nothing lasts forever, and because of this, your heat could give out. If you have a heating issue, it may be time for a new furnace or maybe it’s just a repair.

Time for a Furnace Repair or Replacement?

What are your options if you need a heating repair or replacement this winter?

First, all of our heating service repairs are the flat rate. You never have to worry about being overcharged when you hire one of our trained service technicians. Our technicians take pride in their work and have the knowledge and training to repair any heating system.

So what if you don’t just need a furnace repair, you need a brand new furnace?

When you schedule a furnace estimate with Holland Heating, our visit to your home or business and the estimate is free of charge. Once we discuss the best plan for your new furnace and decide to move forward with a new furnace installation, it is covered by warranty. Along with our warranty, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee pledge.

We also provide maintenance agreements and tune-ups if you like to be prepared. Our annual maintenance plans are a convenient way to make sure that your heating system consistently runs efficiently. This plan will make sure that your heating system is always in tip-top shape and continue working for your home. If you’re not into an annual contract, don’t worry, we offer a $99 standard equipment tune-ups. These tune-ups are available by appointment whenever you feel it is necessary for your heating system.

If you have any additional questions about Furnace Repair or Replacement that we offer, click here to contact us, or call our office at 810-653-4328.

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