What impact does Heat Vs Humidity have on your home?

In a recent news segment, Jeff Lee, our Home Improvement Expert, discussed how with Heat Vs Humidity, it’s not just the heat that impacts your home comfort and health… it’s the humidity.

Heat is hot temperature, and humidity is amount of moisture or water vapor in the atmosphere. An excessive amount of water in the atmosphere can be a bad thing. The two factors combined can be a even bigger problem!

Did you know your home produces moisture?

Everyday activities like bathing, cooking, exercising, and even breathing brings moisture into your home’s air. Moisture can even enter through the soil beneath your home into the basement.

Heat Vs Humidity

Humidity can cause these problems in your home:

  1. Mold growth
  2. Breathing problems and asthma
  3. Damage to windows
  4. Damage to wood
  5. Musty odors
  6. Cause a clammy uncomfortable feeling
  7. Cause sickness/allergies
  8. Make you uncomfortable by making you feel “sticky”
  9. Cause bugs to thrive in your home (they love humidity!)
  10. Can damage your electronics/home appliances


So what can be done?

Humidity in your home can be controlled. Your home’s humidity should range from 40-60% to keep you comfortable. If your home is above this range for a long period of time, that’s when you start to feel the negative effects.

Besides running a single room dehumidifier, the best option is to install a whole house dehumidifier. A whole house dehumidifier uses the ductwork already in place and removes the excess humidity automatically. And because the dehumidifier is installed with your home’s existing ductwork, that means you will feel cooler, and all of the rooms in your home will be perfectly dry (the basement too!) The less humidity in your home, the more your skin evaporates moisture. That means you’ll feel cooler even with the summer heat! 

A whole house dehumidifier is your best option to keep your home comfortable and healthy all summer long.

Check out Holland Heating and Cooling’s service list and products to choose the best option for your home!

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