The main purpose of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to maintain your indoor comfort, which is what the government states. Through warming, cooling, and venting your home’s air, HVAC systems keep you comfortable year round.  One large component of your home’s HVAC system is an air conditioner which makes your home livable during the extreme heat of the Michigan summer. Another major part is your furnace, which keeps your home warm during the cold winter months. The air is then circulated throughout your home using ductwork and vents, which distribute the hot or cold air into the various rooms of your house. Here are in-depth discussions of your HVAC system and what to look for:

What to look for in Air Conditioning Repair, Flint, MI


Most homes have a central air conditioning unit which has two parts: the indoor blower and vents, and the outdoor condenser unit. Your air conditioner should be serviced at least twice yearly. This is a minimum to keep it running. Skipping this routine maintenance can cost you in both higher electric bills due to a drop in efficiency and repair costs when your unit breaks. Save yourself a lot of money in the future by keeping your unit maintained. The same regular maintenance you give your car, you should invest in your home, after all, your home is much more valuable!


Regular maintenance performs a variety of tasks:  a technician will inspect the unit for any problems, including the wiring and voltage, blower problems, or any leaks in the system. They’ll replace the refrigerant gas that cools the air in your home, saving you money on an operation. They’ll also flush and clean the coils drain and clean the pan and drainage system, where water can stagnate. Then they will replace any filters and clean the vents. It is important to replace air filters every 6 months at a minimum but preferably every 3 months. This is the air your family breathes. If you don’t keep your filters clean, the air inside your home could be worse than the air outside!


Next, we calibrate the thermostat with the correct temperature readings. This saves you money by making sure your temperature is set correctly. If it isn’t, your system could run for no reason, costing you lots of money in higher electric bills. A programmable, energy efficient thermostat can mean huge savings, according to the E.P.A. You can save hundreds on your electric bill over time with this inexpensive component.


One more important thing to keep in mind is your unit’s age. If your unit is past its life expectancy, repairs and the cost of running it can be far more expensive than simply getting a newer, more efficient unit. The government offers rebates on this energy saving device. Take advantage of these opportunities to save yourself money.

Furnace Repair

A furnace is like an engine. Most furnaces combust a fuel source to generate heat. The most common fuel being natural gas in the United States, but other common fuels are oil , coal, and wood. The furnace generates heat by burning the fuel and then blowing the hot air through your home. This keeps you warm but your furnace, just like a car’s combustion engine requires regular maintenance. If the burner is dirty, this could mean you’re burning fuel and wasting money.


Keeping your furnace in peak efficiency is easy with proper maintenance. The most common problems that we deal with are: lack of circulation, broken thermostats, lack of circulation, loss of heating power, malfunctioning flame sensors, broken blowers and leaks in the ducts. Furnaces use fire and as such, every precaution should be taken. This means they have many safety measures and sensors which frequently burn out and need replacing. Thankfully they usually aren’t expensive!


You should have your furnace maintained every 6 months while in use and at the start of the cold season. Inspecting it for problems can usually prevent serious issues. This is also a frequent requirement in your furnace’s warranty.

Your Flint HVAC Service Specialists are Just a Call Away

The savings for keeping your HVAC system well maintained just keep adding up. Call our friendly, licensed and insured experts today. We’ll have your system running perfectly in no time, regardless of its make or model.  Leave it to the pros! We’ll give you an estimate of any work before we begin so you have peace of mind. We have the experience and reliability you can count on!


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