Hypoallergenic Systems For Your HVAC

Here at Holland Heating and Cooling, Inc, we do so much more than just air condition and furnace repair. We also offer the best hypoallergenic systems available. These can be put in at the same time as new Hypoallergenic Systems For Your HVAC installation or can be added to your current heating and cooling system.

Do you have allergies?

At Holland Heating and Cooling we offer the most hypoallergenic systems available for your HVAC system, including the Trane Clean Effects, Aprilaire 5000, and Secondwind UV lights.
Let’s start with the Clean Effects

The Trane Clean Effects is by far one of the greatest filtration systems available today. First, the return air from throughout your house is sent through a pre-filter that takes out all the big stuff (dust bunnies, dirt, dander).

Then the air passes through small holes that create electrically charged corona fields that change the electrical charge of any particles that were tricky enough to get past the pre-filter.

Finally, the charged particles are sent through the collection field; a filter with layers only .08 inches apart. This field is constantly alternating charge to better collect every particle it can. The Trane Clean Effects can catch particles as small as .1 microns! That’s really small.

As well it has 8 times the collection surface of your ordinary electronic air filter, almost eliminating clogging, all the while filtering 99.98% of pollutants from your home.
Think the Clean Effects is a little much? Try the AprilAire 5000

The Aprilaire 5000 has been rated #1 in independent test for the last 3 years, and it’s easy to see why. It works very similarly to the Trane Clean Effects (see above) in it’s filtration system, and it only needs to be cleaned once a year. It’s a little less pricey, a little more bulky and it’s a very reliable and affordable product.
“But I’ve already got a good filter, and I still get sick all the time.”

Unfortunately, those little bacteria don’t really care how many filters you put in your system. They’re tricky and they find they’re way back into the air making it easier to get sick in your own home than outside! Too bad nobody makes anything to help you with that…

Wait…what am I saying? The Second Wind UV Air Purifier is made just for that! The ultraviolet rays emitted by this unit zap bacteria in their tracks keeping them from being re-circulated through your system, thus keeping you from breathing them in!

When it’s time to install a purifier that works in tandem with your heating and cooling system, give Holland a call and we can find the perfect solution for you.


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