It’s time to start calling and scheduling with your heating and cooling company to get your systems cleaned and inspected. This is a vital part of keeping your system running at its peak efficiency level. The key to a warm winter is making sure you are prepared! So don’t be one of many this year that has to pay high utility bills. Also, not having your system cleaned at least once a year could lead to costly repair bills on top of your high utility bill.

If you don’t have a maintenance agreement with a company, Please call Holland heating and cooling at 810-653-4328.  We provide overall furnace system inspections and new unit installation.

Those of you that have gas heating systems, Must get your unit checked every fall. This could and has saved a loved one’s life. This because heat exchanges have the ability to rust and crack. if the heat exchanger gets a hole in it, it will start leaking carbon monoxide into your homes.

So please have your system checked this fall. Another thing that is a must; Have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home. Read the directions carefully so they’re installed properly.   

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