Whole House Humidifier Installation

Redefining comfort

Say goodbye to dry eyes, scratchy throats and over-abundance of static electricity that seems to fill your home; protect your furniture and other wood while ensuring your and your family’s comfort—with whole house humidifiers, we can help you restore a comfortable balance in your home.

At Holland Heating and Cooling, we are passionate about our customers’ comfort. Because of this, we offer installation and repair for flow-through humidifiers, which we can install in conjunction with any forced air heating and air conditioning system. In general, we recommend this solution to our homeowners who have the system to support it because it doesn’t promote mold or mildew, which are so common with other humidifiers who draw from stagnant water.

Easy to maintain, easy to install to a current system or with any HVAC installation. See how we can help you today.


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