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Refer your friends & Family

Were you recommended to Holland Heating by someone that was happy with an HVAC installation or service that we provided?
Get a FREE ESTIMATE today and get them $100 tomorrow!

Free estimates for…

  • HVAC repair and equipment (furnace repair and installation, air conditioners installation and repair, air handlers, heat pumps, geothermal systems, and more)
  • Plumbing equipment (boilers, water softeners, hydronic heating, radiant in-floor and more)
  • Electrical equipment (generators, transfer switches, electric strip-heat, and more)
For every job sold we will give the referring party $100!

Restrictions apply. Referrals must be submitted by a previous service or installation customer of Holland Heating or The Home Depot. Referred person(s) must purchase and have installed at least one(1) approved piece of HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical equipment. After installation is completed, referral amount of $100 via check will be paid to the referring party. Please always ask before providing information about others. Promotion not available after estimate has been scheduled or sold.

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