Many people use to supplement their furnace or heat pump. They may want to only heat one room or perhaps their central heating system may not be up to the task. Whatever the reason, portable home heating equipment needs to be used safely and responsibly to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If your home heating is uneven, or your system is just not getting the job done, call a local HVAC contractor. They may be able to help you get more out of your current system or install an affordable, efficient new heating system.

At a minimum, you should have a carbon monoxide alarm and a fire alarm installed on each level of your home. Your local building codes may require a greater number alarms or that the alarms be installed in a specific place.

The primary danger from an electric space heater is that it can start a fire. Make sure to keep electric space heaters away from combustible items like drapes or furniture. Keep an eye on pets and children and never leave an electric heater unattended. Turn the heater off at night and avoid using an extension cord and if you have to use one, use a heavy duty cord. When shopping for an electric heater, look for one that has a tip over protection that will turn it off if it gets knocked over.

Unvented combustion type heaters that use propane or kerosene are not recommended for indoor use because they can produce carbon monoxide. If you choose to use one of these heaters indoors, follow the recommendations for electric space heaters and also be sure to provide adequate ventilation for the heater. Never leave an unvented combustion type heater running while you are asleep. 

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